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Discovery Flight Could be This Year's Must-Have Gift

Smyrna, Tenn. (PRWEB) November 18, 2008 -- It is always around this time of year when children ask questions parents just can't answer. Now you can answer how Santa learned to fly: Santa started flying with a Discovery Flight Gift Certificate (http://www.pilotjourney.com/gift) from Pilot Journey!

The $119 Discovery Flight Gift Certificate is an affordable and memorable gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of flying their own aircraft.

"Man has always been envious of the Ole St. Nick's freedom of flight," says Gary Bradshaw, owner of Pilot Journey (http://www.pilotjourney.com/). "It doesn't require a polished-brass sleigh, eight reindeer and a healthy dose of magic to take to the skies. Piloting small aircraft is affordable for everyone with a dream to take flight. The $119 Discovery Flight Gift Certificate opens that door to everyone."

Pilot Journey Discovery Flight Gift Certificates are available for purchase online at www.pilotjourney.com, and are redeemable at over 400 flight schools across the country.

The certificate puts you in the air for a real flight lesson with an FAA-Certified flight instructor. Included in the package is the CD-ROM "Reach for the Sky", a six-month subscription to a top Flight Training magazine, an FAA approved log book and a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing.

Pilot Journey's Discovery Flight Certificate is the perfect gift for the most finicky recipient; from hard-to-please teenagers to the grandpa who has everything.

About Pilot Journey

Founded in 2001, Nashville-based Pilot Journey is the largest company in the USA dedicated to promoting aviation and introducing new pilots to the joy of flying. With more than 400 Discovery Flight Centers nationwide, Pilot Journey is the largest seller of Discovery Flight Certificates in the nation. In addition to Discovery Flight certificates, Pilot Journey also works with hundreds of flight schools to assist them in recruiting students for recreational flying and commercial pilot careers.

For more information, visit www.pilotjourney.com.


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