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How to Understand Your Private Pilot Training

In most cases your Private Pilot License Training will take somewhere around two or three months. An accerated private pilot license course can be completed in as little as 3 weeks or so. There are things that will hold you back if you aren't prepared.

The first thing you need to know is there are two parts to your Private Pilot Training. There are Aeronautical Experience and Aeronautical Knowledge areas ( Flight Instruction) portions of each phase of your flight training.

There are three phases to your private pilot training that you will need to understand. You will need to understand that there are both Aeronautical Knowledge and Aeronautical Experience requirements. The better understanding you have of the process before you start, the more successful you will be on fulfilling your dream of learning to fly.

The first part of your Private Pilot Training is the pre solo phase. This phase you will learn to basics of flying an airplane. Since you have been driving a car most of your life, this phase of training will be the most difficult for most private pilot students. Once you are through this phase, you will have confidence in yourself and you will be able to conduct solo flights limited by your flight instructor.

The pre solo phase of your private pilot license will also have an aeronautical requirement that you will have to meet also. There is a Requirement for a Pre Solo Written Test included. The focus of this pre solo exam will focus on the aircraft and airspace you have been training in and will be written by your flight instructor.

The next part of your Private Pilot License Training is the post solo or cross country phase. This phase of your private pilot license training, you will focus on different types of landings, night flying and instrument flight. Most of this phase of your private PIlot License Training will be solo flights, you will need this time to meet the private pilot requirements.

This part of your training does not have any specific requirements for aeronautical knowledge, however you should have your private pilot written test completed before you get into the flight test preparation phase of your training.

The final phase of your pilot training will be the flight test preparation phase. In this phase you will focus on the outline for the private pilot practical test known as the practical test standards.

The Private Pilot written test will need to be completed before you are eligible to take the test. There are 60 multiple choice questions on the written test required by the Federal Aviation Regulations.

The Private Pilot Practical Test Standards is the FAA's outline for your practical test. Broken down into Tasks and Areas of Operation, this will be a guide for you that is published by the FAA. This will be the outline that the pilot examiner will use to conduct your flight test.

Once you have completed your Private Pilot Practical test, your Private Pilot License will be good for the rest of your life. Understanding the private pilot training process before you start flying is one of the best things you can do.

Hope to see You in the Sky


Frederick Longe has been flying since 1985. He has logged over 9,000 Hours of flight instruction alone. In 1998 Longe was awarded one of the first Master CFI Designations in the country by the National Association Of Flight Instructors. Airfreddy's Private Pilot License Information Website

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